NeuroKinetic Therapy

The answer to people who have tried every other pain relief technique and have not yet found permanent relief from their pain.

Finds the cause of the pain and gives you the power to relieve the pain at home.

Improves your performance in any activity. You can hit the golf ball farther, run faster and longer, lift more weight, and become flexible enough to perform any activity.


1. 60 Minute Initial Session

  • Assessment and Functional Movement Diagnostic
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy
  • Correctional Homework Exercises

2. 30 Minute Follow-up Sessions

  • NeuroKinetic Therapy
  • Correctional Homework Exercises
  • $60/session


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I have been training with Steve for over a year now. In this year I have become stronger, faster, and more explosive in my strength. These were all on my checklist of what I wanted to accomplish when I first started with him. I have trained as a professional athlete for over 7 years. In all these years combined, I did not obtain the same results as I have within 1 year with Steve. He has done much more than that, since he has taken on a role in my life as one of my coaches, every part of my life has brought more success. Steve will not only help you get the exact results you desire, he takes a personal approach to making you a better, healthier person in absolutely every aspect of your life. He has been my friend, coach and most of all, a mentor to me in my life. I will continue to train with him as a professional athlete. The day I stop training with Steve, is the day I stop training all together. He will be my Strength and Conditioning coach all the way to the top of my game. I am more than grateful for everything he has done for me, and you will be too! Top-notch trainer, all around good person, and a role model for any individual. With Steve as your trainer, you will achieve more than you ever thought possible!

Aaron 'Gorilla' Gallant – Professional MMA Fighter

Hey Steve, I'd like for you to know how much you have helped me. Since I arrived here in Las Vegas to train for MMA/Ju Jitsu, I have had high level black belts, that have won titles, say that I am one of the most explosive people they have ever competed against. We are developing my strategy for the Ju Jitsu worlds competition on the fact that I don't get tired. I will be grinding out a fast pace to wind my opponents because they will not be able to keep up with me. I hope you are proud your machine is still functioning at a high level here...haha. I am still strong with the program you have put together for me to do while I am here. Thanks again for all your help. I can't wait to come back so you can get back to making me a beast! Thanks bro!

Gurdip “Gum Gum” Rangi

Steve and I trained twice a week, for 3 and a half months during the summer in the off season. We worked on speed, agility, explosiveness, and running technique. Over the 3 month time period, I became noticeably faster and more powerful. My technique drastically improved, as well as many fundamentals which all helped me to become better at my position (defensive end/defensive tackle). My 40 time went from a 5.1 to a 4.85, and my broad jump and vertical jump both drastically improved as well. Steve pushed me, and I achieved my goals because of it.

- Rob Curran St. Mary’s Huskies CIS Football

Thanks to Steve's knowledge and my dedication to his program, I was able to achieve new personal bests in my 40 time, bench press, and T-test and become an all around better football player. By following his program, I increased my athletic and physical abilities on the field and is responsible for my ability to play at a higher level in Canadian Junior Football. I also gained the knowledge of how to remain in peak physical condition year round.

- Kyle Carson Victoria Rebels CJFL

Before I met Steve, I could never really get into working out. But his workout routines are not the same old dull workouts you always see around the gym, and they generate amazing results. In just three short months, I cut my 40 time from a 5.0 to an 4.78. 2.2 tenths FASTER! And the strength gains I had made were amazing. I used to rep 45lb dumbells on chest press and now I can use 70lbs dumbells and like his upper body workouts, his leg workouts are amazing. I went from back squatting reps of 135lbs to where I can actually rep front squats at 205lbs. It would be hard to find a greater trainer than Steve in Canada. I and my coaches have noticed the improvements on the field from Steve's program.

- Ben Skerrett, Chilliwack Huskers (CJFL)

Since working with Steve, I have lost 23 lbs. and my wife and friends keep commenting on how great I look. Even my back is better, I used to go to the chiropractic twice a week and now I am done to once a month for maintenance. I am grateful to have Steve as my personal trainer.

- Jim D.

I have lost 4 inches around my waist since working with Steve!

- Jodi

My body feels much better, I have more energy and range of motion in my joints, and my back pain is gone.


After my 4 weeks I lost 8% body fat and my family and friends have noticed the difference on my body and in my mood!

–Dan J.


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  8. Current/Past exercise regimes
  9. Sleeping habits
  10. Stress level
  11. Medications
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