We Provide Effective Injury Rehabilitation

Do you still have recurring pain after an old injury or surgery?

That surgery or injury may have caused your body to develop an improper movement pattern to keep you moving, a limp would be an example. This compensation pattern is causing continuous pressure on your body in improper ways causing your body to be out of alignment and this causes the pain.

Neurokinetic Therapy follows a step by step guide to obtain chronic pain relief

  1. Identify Dysfunctional Movement: We manually test the muscles to find out which muscles are working too hard and which ones aren’t working at all.
  2. Correct Movement Patterns: We reactivate the muscles that aren’t working
  3. Retesting: Make sure that the corrections have been maintained.
  4. Sustain: We help you develop a home exercise regime allowing you to continue proper movement patterns

What Do You Get From Our Injury Rehabilitation? No More Pain!

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  1. Take a tour of our facility
  2. Explain our philosophy & process
  3. Assess pain areas
  4. Get to know your goals
  5. Reasons for your goals
  6. Goal hindrances
  7. Support system
  8. Current/Past exercise regimes
  9. Sleeping habits
  10. Stress level
  11. Medications
  12. Programs, scheduling, pricing
  13. Questions?
  14. Set up a fitness diagnostic



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